Innovaccer’s COVID-19 Management system

oleh Innovaccer Inc

It enables self- assessment, CDC-based education, telemedicine, and analytics to empower providers.

Innovaccer’s Covid-19 Management System is a solution that enables practices to more easily manage and screen high volumes of patients efficiently. It is a HIPAA compliant, multi-platform, and robust solution designed to support our healthcare professionals in the time of this pandemic.

Innovaccer has a robust set of security policies, procedures, and controls, ensuring full compliance with HIPAA requirements. Innovaccer is HIPAA and SOC2 Type II compliant and HISP Privacy and Security and HISP CEAP certified. 

Innovaccer has an Information Security Policy and Privacy Policy documented and implemented according to HIPAA guidelines. The Innovaccer platform and applications have enhanced security features and an industry-standard security framework to manage compliance. We also use CIS benchmarks for regulatory compliance management. Innovaccer maintains and provides audit trail reports to system IT administrators within our customer organizations to monitor user access for protected health information data. We deploy six levels of security to ensure our clients operate the secure data platform that their patients deserve with no additional cost.

Our COVID-19 Management System with telemedicine is HIPAA-compliant and enhanced by the following features:

● A HIPAA-compliant video communication platform that enables two-way

communication between physician and patient

● HIPAA compliant SMS capabilities that allow our users to send text messages from

within our application to anywhere in the US

● Robust security and compliance protocols with third-party APIs with encrypted

communication and static IP

● End-to-end data encryption within our application

● Secure messaging to transmit data such as the PUI forms to state authorities