M365 Security Monitoring, Automated and Simple

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Automatically monitors data security in Microsoft 365. Discover the internal threat very early.

Cloud Security Monitor is a simple-to-use SaaS for enterprises to monitor their data security in Microsoft 365. Discover the internal threat very early, before there is any serious data loss. 

With its award-winning automated cybersecurity analytics and machine-learning, Cloud Security Monitor makes sense of the high volume of M365 activity events, so that you do not have to. Finally, an easy way to monitor your Microsoft 365 data security.

  • Are you concerned if your company's accounts are compromised, and a hacker may be accessing your company's data and emails?

Cloud Security Monitor detects if your cloud accounts have been hijacked by hackers.

  • How can you discover if there is a disgruntled employee or insider threat stealing your valuable data?

Cloud Security Monitor detects suspicious user activity due to insider threats and hackers automatically.

  • Can you identify if a  user has accidentally exposed confidential documents on OneDrive to the public?

Smart algorithms automatically detects and discover if your files are accidentally left exposed.

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About InsiderSecurity 

InsiderSecurity develops award-winning cybersecurity products that detect the internal cyber threat early. InsiderSecurity's technology is especially useful for early detection of supply-chain attacks like SolarWinds and Kaseya.