Surveil SLIM


Security, Licensing & Identity Management with Cost Optimisation - Azure, Office 365 and on-premise


  • Manage your costs the way you manage your business - in ways that all departments understand
  • Effective Azure, Office 365 and on-premise cost management
  • Full views of Licensing and Identity leveraging Azure AD and Office 365
  • A single pane of glass fro all your key Security events


Surveil SLIM empowers you to fully utilise Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 solutions while maintaining your business budget, simplifying your Office 365 Governance, Identity and Licensing management efficiently and securely.


Integrating seamlessly and directly with Azure, Azure Stack and Office 365, Surveil SLIM aligns Cloud (on-premise in Q12020) costs with your business billing categories to give you the Who, What and Where of your running costs. Create flexible, automated and personalised tags and rules for cost allocation that pertain to your business needs. Gain knowledge into resource use and operational expenditure with up-to daily automated reports. The ability to view costs going up or down against any system and business categories has given our customers transparency of their bills and the realisation of substantial on-going savings through redirection of previously misappropriated allocations. Wasted spend is a thing of the past.


Fully leverage Cloud capabilities for your teams, managed and monitored by Surveil SLIM to near real-time consumption, while optimising usage and maximising savings offered by Microsoft. Control your spend without being an IT expert. Give team managers the control they need to stay on budget with scheduled automatic resource management, alerts and recommendations on spend. Surveil SLIM supports retrospective analysis on historical data and pre-consumptive cost analysis to help with the planning of your future budgets. Use our advanced analytics engine to gain even more insight to your business.

  • Effective Cloud cost management
  • Visibility of Azure bills and cloud costs in budget terms you choose
  • Take control of Cloud spend - Azure consumption and Microsoft 365 licensing