JP Interactive Viewer

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Addressing challenges in the management & sharing of massive 3D datasets: Point Clouds, BIM, & 360i

The JP Interactive Viewer (JPIV) is an intuitive and collaborative software solution that enables easy management, visualization, and sharing of 3D datasets. This includes Point Clouds, 360 images, BIM assets, 3D Meshes, and more. JPIV is designed to enhance interdisciplinary communication and addresses the challenges of managing heavy reality capture data from complex engineering and construction projects.

Unlike other software solutions, JPIV does not decimate Point Clouds. This means that the reality capture data uploaded to JPIV stays accurate, reflecting the level of precision provided by the surveying methods used. This provides users with access to complete georeference data and measures, improving the accuracy of their work.

Ready to unlock the power of JPIV for yourself?

  • The Proof of Concept (PoC) program is an effective method for evaluating the compatibility of JPIV with a prospective customer. This program typically involves defining specific success criteria, which the customer and our team agree upon at the outset. We then proceed to demonstrate the effectiveness of JPIV in a real-world setting, for a limited period of time. If we can meet or exceed the agreed-upon goals by the end of the PoC period, we will move forward with pricing discussions. If not, we work with the customer to revise our goals and continue the PoC program until we can demonstrate our effectiveness. Our team is committed to working closely with customers during this process, providing regular updates and support to ensure a successful PoC. Ultimately, the goal of the PoC program is to build a strong foundation of trust with our potential customers and demonstrate that JPIV can deliver meaningful value to their organization.