HoloMeeting SaaS

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HoloMeeting is a remote collaboration solution for Mixed Reality

HoloMeeting is a remote collaboration solution for HoloLens, Immersive Windows Mixed Reality, Desktop and Surface Hub. In short, HoloMeeting allows you to collaborate by sharing, viewing and amending 3D models (e.g. 60 different file types supported such as Revit, SolidWorks, CATIA, Navisworks, FBX, OBJ and many others ), documents (e.g. PDF, pptx, docx, xlsx) and collaborate (e.g. freehand draw, whiteboard, etc.). In addition, you can share your camera and use it for remote assistance as well as maintenance.

It's unique value proposition is that makes you feel like you are collaborating with someone in the same physical room even though they are on the other side of the planet. We achieve that by displaying life like avatars (custom 3D scans on request) that move as you move in your real world. For instance, when your colleagues stands on your relative right, you will hear him or her from the right since HoloMeeting utilises 3D audio.

The solution utilises ADD login and if the application is authorised by your AD admin, you and your colleagues can simply use your Microsoft @ Work login. In addition, HoloMeeting supports OneDrive in order for you to directly tap into your files.

This solution changes the way you collaborate by allowing you to create holographic rooms that are automatically saved. Simply drag and drop files in a holographic room, leave and come back in two weeks to find the room exactly in the state you left it off.

For these reasons, HoloMeeting is already being used in the Manufacturing, Automative, Insurance and Architecture industries.