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Augment your organization document and e-mail management capabilities with ketl AI-infused platform.

This application is available in English, French and German.

Supercharge your document management capabilities

Ketl is a state-of-the-art Web Application that allows small and medium businesses to manage their documents in the Cloud. With its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ketl will allow your company to be more efficient and to collaborate transparently.

In particular, Ketl will help you:
  • create, view and manage clients
  • link documents and e-mails to clients with only 1 click
  • generate chronologies from piles of documents
  • perform fast and intelligent search seamlessly.

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  • Straightforward integration with your IT setup and current workflows with Office 365
  • Included Ketl add-in to file your e-mails directly from Outlook
  • Reduced time spent on low-added value tasks, such as filing documents
  • Facilitated build up of organization knowledge through transparency and ease of access to information
  • Reduced time spent on looking for information inside your organization with a fast global search

Key features

  • Classify, then file documents and e-mails to your SharePoint site in 1-click
  • Super fast global search across all documents and e-mails
  • Configuration-less AI
  • Integrations with CRM tools