Klenty - Sales Engagement Platform

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Multi-channel Sales Engagement Platform That Helps Sales Teams Book More Meetings

Personalize outreach and follow up with prospects at the right time using emails, calls, LinkedIn, texts, and WhatsApp.

Key features:

Generate new sales pipeline by accelerating sales activities and improving productivity.

  • Build a sales sequence: Combine emails, calls, LinkedIn tasks, texts, and WhatsApp messages into one single sequence. Achieve repeatable sales outcomes with a centralized playbook.
  • Execute sales activities quickly: Use Klenty’s built-in dialer to place call after call, send automated emails/text follow-ups to prospects, and send LinkedIn connect requests, messages/InMails in a single click.
  • Get personal and relevant: Use prospect information to customize your messages and add that human touch. Go beyond placeholder personalization. Use videos to stand out in a crowded inbox.

Highlights of Klenty+MS Dynamics Integration:

  • Easy to connect - no technical expertise required.
  • Automatically import leads into Klenty as and when they appear in MS Dynamics.
  • Map all fields (default, and custom) to Klenty.
  • Record all sales engagement activities in MS Dynamics.