oleh Linear Squared (Pvt) Ltd

Build 1000s of highly accurate forecasting models in a few simple clicks

FORECAST Squared is a highly scalable forecasting solution that allows you to build 1000s of extremely accurate, multivariate forecasting models with just a few clicks.  FORECAST Squared has the ability to factor in many influencing variables, both internal or company specific. 

FORECAST Squared allows you to build models taking in to account your own company data such as historical trends, seasonality  and layering it with a wide variety of external data that can influence the demand for your product to forecast demand to the most granular level. This could be done across the 1000’s of products with very high  levels of accuracy.  Some of these external factors can vary from weather, rainfall and holidays to seasons and macro-economic trends   

It is designed to counter some of the most common limitations found in traditional solutions which helps business users build highly accurate, complex forecasting models without relying on Data Scientists.  FORECAST Squared brings both scale and accuracy into forecasting with the help of Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) technologies.   

FORECAST Squared can be deployed as a Cloud-based web application that can be easily integrated with your existing systems through a simple API. Apart from its obvious benefits, its speed of deployment, ease of use and affordability makes it a unique product that can help you optimize your working capital, reduce wastage and manage your entire supply chain with great ease.