Luceos Smart Service Management

oleh Luceos Intelligence sp/ z o.o.

Smart and Easy Field Service and Customer Management

Luceos Smart Service Management is a ready-to-use Cloud and SaaS solution for small business and big enterprises.

With Luceos Smart you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 20 to 30% reduction in costs of coordination and scheduling your service orders
  • significant increase in operation flexibility and planning efficiency
  • increased number of handled service orders with the same team
  • other cost reduction and increased predictability

Luceos Smart provides all above benefits without investment and available in very short time.

Easy scheduling, dispatching and settlement of service orders ensure higher efficiency of field workers and active participation in cross-company processes. Luceos Smart is available for immediate use after on-line registration offering a wide range of additional features in ‘Pay-as-needed’ model. Luceos Smart integrates with ERP, CRM and other systems to ensure systems synergy.

The system consists of a WWW Portals developed for Managers, Coordinators and Customers as well as set of Mobile Applications for the Field Workers like technicians or engineers who work and End-Users.

Luceos Smart Service Management helps in service and maintenance in many different industries like:

  • Factory and industry manufacturing machines and equipment
  • Road and train infrastructure
  • Buildings, offices, commercials spaces management
  • Maintenance of restaurants' and fast foods' technical infrastructure
  • Energy, water and other utilities distribution systems
  • Maintenance of construction and building machines and vehicles

The key functions of the Luceos Smart service support the whole service order activities of a service department in the following areas:

  • Management of service requests
  • Preparation and optimization of schedulesv
  • Preparation of an order before a work can start (gathering materials, contacting customer etc.)
  • Order realization - including reporting all stages and elements like travel, materials, photos, electronic reports, efforts, checklists and many other.
  • Order settlement - issuing invoice or receipt, enabling on-line payment and sharing all information with sales and technical teams.

Luceos Smart Service Management is available in the Software As A Service model - it is available from the Azure Cloud, without any need for hardware or software investments.

The service costs are charged on monthly basis. The cost amount is calculated based on a number of active users and number of activated functional modules. The monthly fee starts at 10 USD per user per month

This application is available in English and Polish.