Luware Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams

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Cloud solution to help you capture, archive, analyze and retrieve all modes of communications.

Luware Recording

Luware Recording provides comprehensive and fully managed cloud compliance recording and analytics across all platforms - from Microsoft Teams to Trader Voice. It combines Verint's state-of-the-art compliance recording technology with Luware's world-class hosting and maintenance expertise. This powerful combination allows you to capture and store your communications in an easy-to-use platform that is fully managed by the best compliance experts in the industry.

With Luware Recording you can:

Close compliance gaps.

Streamline compliance across multiple communication platforms.

Turn recordings into valuable insights.

Recording Features

Easy adherence to advanced compliance needs such as MIFIDII, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank.

  • Legal hold
  • Incident handling
  • Compliance workflows
  • Recording announcements
  • Voice transcription
  • Recording of public network calls in Teams

Analytics & Reporting Features
  • Phonetic search
  • Speech transcription
  • Full-text search
  • Detailed dashboards and reporting
  • Extensive quality control to streamline processes and increase customer satisfaction

Monitoring Features
  • Locking conversations
  • Customer surveys for quality assessment.
  • Trade reconstruction
  • Augmented business insights
  • Compliance evidencing

Hybrid Storage Model
  • Customers bring their own Azure Blob Storage accounts. This way they have full custody of their recordings. Only the metadata and IM messages will be stored within the Luware Recording solution.

The enterprise-grade, secure Microsoft Teams recording solution let organisations capture all communications features available in Teams from voice calling to chat, audio and video meetings, screen sharing, and IM attachments across all regulated users. It is a robust platform to centrally record, store, and make data readily available and easily retrievable for records retention, reconciliation, trade reconstruction, business intelligence, and compliance evidencing.