Ventory POC

oleh Ventory

Remote visibility and control to digitise, enhance and streamline field inventory, anywhere.

Ventory enables enterprises to keep track of their inventory in difficult-to-track locations. Enterprises use the Ventory solution to improve their bottom line by reducing wastage, improving efficiency, and eliminating shrinkage.

Ventory's solution is trusted and used by customers in Medical Devices, Enterprise Computing, Energy and Utilities, and 3PL industries.

Ventory is an innovative field inventory management solution. We help your enterprise digitize, automate, and manage your field inventory and spare parts in a simple and intuitive way. Ventory can be deployed stand-alone or integrated with your existing ERP or WMS system.

Our mission is to provide your business with an intuitive, simple, quick-to-deploy solution to digitize your field inventory and spare parts while ensuring visibility across every location. Ventory’s smart solution is trusted by some of the largest enterprises to digitize and manage their inventory across their networks. Our proven solution is used today in the renewables sector as well as medical devices, engineering, and high-tech industries.

It is the first multi-barcode scanning solution that unlocks speed and ease of use when scanning with the most recent Android or iOS devices, or Zebra devices, either via the onboard camera or the laser scanner. This makes Ventory the fastest and most efficient cycle counting solution in the market.

Users can configure warehouses, bins, alerts, tasks, dashboards, reports, and much more in a simple and intuitive way. Accessible from anywhere, even remote spots - with Ventory’s offline feature teams can sync when connectivity is restored to ensure that all activity is captured, and no data is lost.