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MarginPoint Mobile Inventory Management Solution

MarginPoint is a leading provider of a cloud-based inventory control and automated supply replenishment solution for pro service contractors and other organizations. More than 1000 companies currently rely on MarginPoint solutions to manage their inventory replenishment, optimize business processes, and drive revenue. MarginPoint Mobile Inventory can be deployed rapidly without any significant upfront investment.

Key Benefits:
- Grow revenue by completing more jobs per technician per day
- Minimize shrinkage with tighter inventory controls and the ability to track all material usage down to the job or technician
- Cut ordering costs by 25% and avoid excess purchases with automated replenishment
- Achieve full inventory visibility of all stocking locations including your warehouse and service fleet
- Eliminate technician downtime by having the right parts to finish the job the first time

Product Features:
- Capability to setup and manage multiple vendor / supplier catalogs
- Data item (e.g. stock, parts) aliasing capability
- Management and translation of multiple unit of measure to handle diverse purchase quantity and consumption volume
- Multi-level Inventory Planning across multiple dimensions view e.g. item level, stocking location, business unit
- Automated Replenishment workflows support multi-level inventory plan
- Integration with vendor / supplier ERP systems for automated procurement & fulfillment
- Check-in, Check-out tracking functionality of stock items
- Data capture capability via Bar Code and QR Code scanning
- Able to manage multiple users assigned to a stocking location
- Offline mode transactional capabilities in mobile app
- Solution Database provides transactions and audit capabilities at base level