meldCX Core Platform for Unattended Devices

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Manage multiple apps and commercial devices through a single platform.

meldCX Core Platform by meldCX™ is the architecture you need to build, re-use, deploy, and manage commercial applications for commercial devices.

Imagine if you could build for or use existing apps, connect to multiple devices at once regardless of the operating system, monitor and schedule applications, check the health of your device fleet, turn devices on/off, and analyse to drive use - all remotely from a single pane of glass, the meldCX Cloud Console.

The meldCX Core Platform is built for...

• Your software team to develop and release great enterprise apps

• Your operations team to manage and track your fleet of commercial devices via the meldCX Cloud Console dashboard


The best part? The platform is OS-agnostic, giving you the ultimate flexibility and scalability!

meldCX is currently deployed in 15 countries and services more than 30 large enterprise clients. Our partners include Microsoft, Intel®, Adobe, Ingram Micro, Acer and AOPEN.