Progora B2B Marketplace

oleh Mercato Solutions Limited

Progora is a marketplace that saves you time & money on procurement, configured to your requirements

A Faster, Easier Path to Procurement Progora is a marketplace technology that saves you time and money on procurement. It brings buyers and suppliers together in a centralised, cloud-based purchasing platform configured to your requirements. From a staff and supplier perspective, it feels like a user-friendly consumer shopping experience, where it’s easy to select and purchase products. But Progora is so much more. Its innovative technology is designed for complex organisations, adapting to your many business requirements and ensuring each purchase is made in the most economical way. The result: lower expenditure, reduced rogue procurement, stronger supplier relationships, and better collaboration. Progora helps you get more value out of your existing systems and procurement processes -Real-time dashboards help you respond proactively to trends and deliver strategic value to the organisation -Dynamic purchasing makes it easy to respond to supply and demand quickly, even for complex service supply chains -You enhance supplier relationships by having a single, user-friendly platform that brings vendors and buyers together -Configurable customer journeys, so the procurement process can be adapted per agreement or framework to benefit both sides