OfficeWatch XT Digital Workplace Analytics

oleh Metropolis Corp

Empowers analysts by consolidating data into one simple interface to report and audit UC modalities

Look no further! OfficeWatch XT provides you direct routing rates for your call costing needs while delivering exceptional visibility of your digital workspace with unlimited role-based access.

XT is an omnichannel analytics and notification platform designed to help managers efficiently measure, monitor, and track and account for communications within their respective departments, divisions, branches, organizations, regions, or teams. XT supports multiple UC architectures, including premise and cloud (private, public, and hybrid) for centralized, enterprise-wide, and granular reporting from a single pane of glass. With role-based web access and authentication, managers in every department have the reports needed to drive tactical and strategic business objectives to increase productivity, reduce expenses, mitigate risk, and drive change.

Discovery Questions: 

Are you...

looking to bill back to a Resource Group?

unable to run reports as a non-admin user?

able to collect data by data source?

not able to create centralized user reports?

having difficulty staffing your workforce while providing outstanding customer service?

XT Advantages: 

  • Centralized Reporting Across Hybrid UCaaS, UC, and Legacy PBXes.

  • Audit Reporting

  • 911 Notifications

  • Toll-Fraud, Employee Phone Abuse, and Unusual Activity

  • Synchronize with your Domain for Easy Maintenance and Setup

  • Direct routing rates

  • Improve customer service and marketing

  • Identify outliers and anomalies to streamline processes