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Solutions for managing the availability, capacity and efficiency of critical facilities

Modius Inc. is a world leading end-to-end solution provider for managing the availability, capacity and efficiency in critical facilities, including data centers, smart buildings, telecom and other IoT environments.

OpenData, the Modius flagship offering, provides all the tools needed to manage the performance of mission critical infrastructure, from integration of disparate devices, to analytics, to integrated dashboards, all in a “single pane of glass”.

Modius OpenData unifies real-time performance data from all the equipment and device data

typically available via network communications, including a full range of out-of-the-box end-point device integration. OpenData is deployed to the edge on pre-validated industrial strength gateways, utilizing low cost or embedded sensors, and proactively monitors undesirable conditions before they become problems – while supplying the visibility needed during recovery.

The OpenData Solution provides core functionality for:

• Real-time unified event and alarm management of physical equipment with multi-vendor support for fast system integration

• Trended data for instant feedback of adds, moves, changes and rapid response to pending issues

• Multi-site data collection at the edge for low-latency remote monitoring of all network aware device assets, all from a single pane of glass

• Comprehensive performance management health status ‘Operational BI’ for an entire network of devices

• Consolidated management dashboards and performance metrics with intuitive user configurable interface

• Robust support designed and integrated with intelligent alert routing and escalation

• Advanced analytics with normalization and time synchronization of all equipment data

• Robust predictive algorithms and advanced user-configurable machine learning models

Modius offers a highly scalable, reliable and secure solution which can be deployed at 1, 10, or 10,000 locations with equivalent performance across all devices. The OpenData modules, together, provide a comprehensive solution to manage the performance of your mission critical infrastructure. OpenData can function as an end-to-end solution or work cooperatively with your current systems, so there is no need to rip and replace your existing infrastructure.

The OpenData modules include: Remote Monitoring, Asset Management, Analytics Management, Integrated Workflows and Power Management.