Mydatafactory B.V.

Better and faster tendering through Mydatamatcher by Mydatafactory

When selling products and spare parts Business to Business it is crucial to react to quote requests of clients faster than your competitors. It is not only key that you are fast with the right products all for the best price you can offer. If you can offer alternatives that comply to the characteristics the parts need to do their job, your own margin can improve significantly. We all know pricing is a key aspect when it comes to tender matching but... if you have thousands or even millions off products and spare parts, how can you find the right articles fast enough? Searching for the right parts or alternatives can sometimes take up to 3 minutes per article. With a shopping list of a client with occasionally more than 2000 items, how can you beat the competition and be the first, with the right products for the right price? With Mydatamatcher by Mydatafactory you get a SaaS solution that will give you the competitive advantage. In the system you can upload a shopping list and through special matching algorithms the right products are matched on Unique Identifier, Brand, Measurements, Groups or even Text. When you are not satisfied with a given match, you can easily choose from a list of alternatives. Mydatamatcher: Be certain you are first in meeting up to your clients wishes and offer them what they really need!