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Digital distribution network solution for emerging markets

N-Frnds “Last Mile” Hybrid Network

The Issue - “Last Mile” distribution networks in emerging markets are highly inefficient, significantly increasing the cost of living for billions of people in these markets. For the last 20 years, the leading global companies have invested billions in trying to solve the Last Mile challenge. But failed.

N-Frnds - the First to Succeed - The N-Frnds unique “Last Mile” hybrid, multi-product distribution network for emerging markets, connects consumer goods brands, insurers and financial institutions with small retailers and consumers unlocking growth. Our Hybrid platform combines technology with the traditional distribution network. We set up and manage the physical network of sales agents (Pre-Sellers) who work with our efficient network of selected wholesalers. We provide the digital solution to all participants in the network (e.g. wholesalers, retailers). Global scale - Over 20M users on the platform (mobile, web, USSD), a proven business model, 21 patents, successful live networks in South East Asia and Africa.

Coca Cola - Strategic Global Anchor Customer – Signed Long Term Agreement - Coca Cola was impressed at the significant growth and impact on their revenues from joining the N-Frnds network, as well as on the quality of the valuable new data and transactions we generate in a  previously “data-white space” enabling us to create unique loyalty plans for the Last Mile. As a result, Coca Cola selected N-Frnds and signed a strategic long-term agreement with us to provide and manage their “last mile” indirect distribution network in emerging markets (ordering, fulfillment, loyalty and financial services). 

Microsoft - Strategic Global Partner - Microsoft has been selling N-Frnds solution since 2019 closing large deals with global consumer brands and financial companies. We are a key partner for driving Office 365 (Teams) sales to small businesses in emerging markets. See Microsoft N-Frnds video on Digitizing Distribution Networks in Indonesia

Axa - Strategic Global Insurance Partner - Axa the second largest insurance company in the world has selected N-Frnds as a strategic partner for driving insurance uptake for Emerging Customers (an Axa key focus segment)

N-Frnds – the Global Last Mile Leader - We are leveraging our data, hybrid network, technology and global partnerships to become the dominant ordering, fulfillment and loyalty platform for the 400 million last mile retailers in emerging markets ($5 trillion of trade). Providing a full spectrum of goods and services including FMCG products, banking & financing, insurance and other digital products, while creating multiple lucrative revenue streams from our consolidated last mile network.