SKU Assortment Optimization

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Put the right products on every shelf at every outlet to satisfy ever-evolving customer demands

Fractal Analytics SKU Assortment Optimization, built on the Microsoft Cloud, offers CPG companies and Retailers a new way to manage product portfolios in their business - driving a significant increase in sales and revenue.

Determine the best performing SKUs for each outlet or market

Identify which products are the best fit for each market segment and compare segment portfolios to ensure the distribution and market penetration of top-performing SKUs is optimized.

Model across customer and product segments

A scalable solution that can handle millions of SKUs and customers by segmenting sales data into peer groups for detailed comparisons. From high-level comparisons of online vs physical, to the granular selection of specific products that perfectly fit a demographic, this will allow your buyers, sellers, and product managers to make more informed decisions daily.

Valuable insights for Retailers and CPG companies

For retailers, you can augment and support product portfolio planning, trending product DNA, inventory allocation, and buying decisions. For CPG companies, you can identify which markets are right for each product, identify which products are winning in their markets, which low distribution products are most worthy of more priority, and which products are due for retirement.