Jetscan, Counterparty screening API


Highly efficient counterparty screening API

Counterparty screening (also referred as “name screening”) is mostly used to inform the Know Your Customer (KYC) process by identifying high-risk relationships during onboarding screening (the screening result is an important part of the customer original risk score).
Relationships are also subject to regular screening to verify their risk level did not change. Counterparties that are screened can be either individuals (natural persons) or legal entities (companies, associations and groups).

Thanks to Jetscan, any platform or application can easily add this mission-critical screening capability as an added-value feature, simply by interacting with the standard REST Jetscan API. The solution has been designed to be integrated, so all its functions and features (screening, configuration, analytics…) are accessible through the API. The implementation process is straightforward, and with all the resources we provide, it can be as fast as a few days.