NOIS_AI Virtual Assistant

oleh New Ocean Information System Company Limited

Our AI, driven by OpenAI's GPT models, expertly automates various tasks, boosting productivity.

We utilized OpenAI's powerful GPT models to create a robust and versatile Chatbot - an effective generative AI Virtual Assistant. Beyond mastering natural language processing, our AI virtual assistant is your go-to for seamlessly automating multiple daily office and manufacturing tasks, elevating efficiency and productivity to new heights.

Support your business
  • Our AI Virtual Assistant excels in versatility, addressing a broad spectrum of topics with a wealth of knowledge from the internet or a provided knowledge base.
  • It is a powerhouse for customer service tasks, deftly handling user queries about company services, conducting efficient product searches to meet customer needs, ensuring a seamless customer experience.
  • Our system boasts swift data analysis, delivering instant results from designated datasets for prompt responses to user queries.
  • We can seamlessly integrate the AI virtual assistant into websites, MS Teams, Facebook Messenger and many other platforms.
  • And much more.

Empowered by the effective combination of Azure OpenAI, other Azure services, and our algorithms, our AI virtual assistant excels in:
  • Diverse File Type Search: Our algorithm seamlessly navigates through various file formats to provide accurate answers.
  • Database Integration: We can integrate with databases, enabling us to retrieve answers or perform data analysis through interactive chatting.
  • Image Extraction: Unleashing the capability to extract information—from content to objects and underlying meanings—from images.
  • Security and Data Integrity: Our system is smartly designed to ensure the highest level of protection for security and data integrity.

Use Cases
Transform your workflow effortlessly through natural conversation, automating tasks in both HR/Admin/Office and Manufacturing environments:
  • Intelligent Information Hub: Access company processes, policies, safety guidelines, and more seamlessly.
  • HR Management: Book/cancel leave, inform holiday durations, manage HR tasks, etc. efficiently.
  • Event Coordination: Easily book meetings, manage appointments, and organize events.
  • Employee Onboarding: Streamline the onboarding process for new employees.
  • Document Organization: Efficiently organize, retrieve documents, maintain version control, and more.
  • Manager assistant: Manage employee leaves, announce news to all staff, and more.
  • Purchase Order Tracking: Seamlessly manage and track purchasing orders.
  • Production Monitoring: Keep track of machine status, product status, output volume, and more.
  • Shift Transition Management: Organize, inform, and remind about next shift notes seamlessly.
  • Supervisory Alerts: Receive notifications on high-risk products, idle tools, long downtime machines, and more.
  • Warehouse Optimization: Track and receive suggestions on item arrangement in the warehouse, etc.

Proof and Statistics
Improved Efficiency with AI Virtual Assistant:
  • Streamlined Searching: Instead of searching multiple fields simultaneously, via engaging in natural chat can result in a remarkable 90% time reduction.
  • Efficient HR Tasks: By leveraging the system, we streamline HR activities, reducing time by 50%.
  • Simplified Data Analysis: Managers can obtain direct summarizations, eliminating the need for manual data work and achieving an impressive time reduction of over 80%.
In summary, our system enhances the efficiency and speed of daily office, manufacturing, and customer service tasks.