Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

SAFHIR is a PaaS offering designed to accelerate the ROI

SAFHIR, built in partnership with Microsoft, is a PaaS offering designed to accelerate the ROI to be realized by all data holders seeking to leverage a standards-based offering that includes support for common use cases.


SAFHIR is FHIR as a Service bringing together all the ingestion, enrichment, governance, management, analytics, and security components that are essential to delivering a robust, scalable, high-performance FHIR solution.


The SAFHIR platform leverages the following capabilities to enable healthcare interoperability use cases:


    • SAFHIR legacy data transformation pipeline (to FHIR)
      • Ingest and transform data from legacy format into standards/FHIR compliant standards
    • FHIR Server
      • A fully managed FHIR server that lets you and your stakeholders interact with your data in a standard-compliant way.
    • SAFHIR's Health API Resolution Engine (SHARE).
        • API Management/Security Layer which exposes Restful APIs related to a data-exchange use-
        • SMART-on-FHIR based authentication method ensuring appropriate data sharing with pre-approved 3rd party applications.
    • Self-service Portal (Govern 3rd party data access and payer approval flows)
        • Self-service user interface and governance layer to manage the administration of your SAFHIR instance
        • SAFHIR Portal enables 3rd party application developers to register applications and seek data-holder approval for access to one or more use cases. Control who can gain access to your data (governed by the SAFHIR API management layer).