Nexus Visitor Registration App


This turnkey application can be easily deploy to your tenant and be used immediately within your org

Every employees and organizations are looking for a solution that can cater the things we do everyday. Employee Hub App is a solution built with an Office 365 License (E1, E3, or E5). We used Power Apps a solution included with the Office 365 License  to develop an application that can be accessed in Laptops/PC's (via browser) and Mobile Phones (Available in IOS & Android). This solution have two interfaces, one for the Front Desk and another for the visitors. Visitor will need to fill up forms created in Power Apps, they need to complete the form and agree with terms and consent that you can customize inside the application, Visitors have also the choice if they agree to take a picture as proof of identification when checking in the building. The Front Desk on the other hand can view the visitors registration on a separate view and verify with the visitors the details on the form and will assign an ID number on the system and give the visitor an ID. This solutions can be customized depends on your requirements and branding.