NSC3™ Unified Visual Command as a Service

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AI enhanced situational awareness for visual mission control, use drone, body, dash cam etc video

Are you a large or small industry organization or mission critical operator wanting to have visual transparency to the field or into your operations on site?

NSC3 provides real time visual feed anywhere in all networks, with any type of camera. Bodycams, dashcams, drones, mobile phones and surveillance camera feeds integrated into one map-based view of the situation.

View the videos in control rooms or on the field in your own device. Mission based teams can easily and safely share their visual view of the action.

NSC3 can be enhanced with Valor analytics engine. Analyze video feeds in real time to detect features or patterns in video feeds and alert users.

Technical features

- Ultra-low latency and transmission in any network with NSC3 video engine, two times faster than competing platforms

- Real time data transfer in SAT/2G/3G/4G/5G networks​, NSC3 monitors network capacity and automatically adjust transmission to fit available bandwidth

​- Use multiple camera sources​, like bodycams, dashcams, drones, mobile phones and surveillance cameras

- NSC3 is a mission-based solution, assign task force / team members, share video safely between them and control access to data

NSC3 applications:

- NSC Webapp™ is a web application that provides a dashboard view in web browser.

- NSC Mobile™ enables video from phones and drones to be streamed, recorded, and shared with team members.

- NSC Drone™ for live video streaming from the DJI drone cameras

- NSC IoT™ enables the integration of vehicle cameras, sensors, and license plate readers into the platform.

- NSC Valor™ analytics engine (add on to NSC3) utilizes AI or machine learning algorithms for real time video feeds

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