Prism by Object Theory

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Prism by Object Theory

Prism by Object Theory is a mixed reality application that allows participants anywhere in the world to have a shared experience to discuss three dimensional objects and environments in true 3D.

Prism helps organizations collaborate in real time from remote locations, enabled by life-size 3D avatars and spatial audio chat. This software includes support for easy 2D and 3D content import, persisted spaces, secure access, avatars, display of 3D models at table top and true scale sizes, avatars and 3D audio chat, and annotations. This service helps organizations improve communication with efficient viewing and discussion of 3D models, regardless of the participant's location. Support platforms include Microsoft HoloLens, Windows 10 PCs, iOS devices (iPhone & iPad), and Android devices (smartphones & tablets).

To get started, download this free application on your HoloLens and visit to join a public demo space with professional, curated content or create your own space with your own content. Invite other people to join your space by sharing a link and collaborate in mixed reality.

If you are interested in the enterprise version or have questions about this application, please email