Magic Grid Advanced Analytics ChatGPT Solution

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Magic Grid Advanced Analytics ChatGPT Solution

What are the problems of Power BI users are?

  1. Process are Slow and Rigid
  2. Process are Manual & Error prone
  3. Process are in silos & Complicated
  4. Process are Difficult to track and they are Rule based?
  5. Users wants to export report in Excel/PDF format with conditional formatting
  6. Users wants to communicate to each other using Teams or mail directly from visual ?
  7. Business want ML based results ?
  8. Users wants to make changes into database directly from power bi visual or wants to capture comments into database ?

Machine Learning Implementation

  • Admin can link ML Algorithm with data
  • Admins can schedule when ML algorithm will execute
  • Admin can schedule frequency and time of ML algorithm execution

Overall Benefit of solution

· Automated solution

· No manual intervention

· Always updated data

· No information in Silos

· Real time analysis

· Faster decisions

· Saves valuable man hours

· Easy integration of Machine learning approach in Power BI visual

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