Product Cloud - Product Matching


An organized catalog without redundant offers

The company offers a complete suite of intelligence tools, in the Software as a Service (SAAS) model, that can be integrated with API´s or with front end.

The Product Cloud Suite provide tools to organize the catalogs of online retailers. It contributes to improve the customer experience in the buyers´ journey.

Product Matching
An organized catalog without redundant offers

The Product Matching tools assess if a product is identified exactly as another one by considering the requirements (aplications) that make a group of offers. It makes easier to compare prices and specific informations. In addition is possible to standardize title and enrich the offers informations, without redundancy and inconsistencies.

In short:

  • Matching of Products and SKUs;
  • Customization of required features to make matching;
  • More reliable conditions to make Product Matching and SKU´s Matching;
  • Standardize title and SKU´s name;
  • Standardization and enrichment of Product specifications in according to the database of others processing;
  • Allow comparison prices, freight rates, delivery time and others informations.

“Make a better customers´ journey, building an organized catalog with all products standardized.”

(This app is available only in Portuguese)