Carbon Manager

oleh Phoenix Energy Technologies

View Scope 2 emissions to analyze performance and trend reductions in carbon footprint

Carbon Manager™ provides actionable measures to mitigate carbon impacts on businesses and the environment. Without incurring additional capital costs, Carbon Manager consolidates data from all existing IoT devices used across an enterprise's building facilities with third-party data sources, like utility and weather data. This allows a company to track and report progress towards meeting its CO2 carbon emissions goals in a single, reportable dashboard.

View Scope 2 emissions at-a-glance, sort, and filter at an enterprise level with actionable carbon data alerts presented in one dashboard that slices and dices carbon emission data into multiple views – location, region, time, and top and bottom performers across thousands of locations.

Receive access to device level data to quickly identify locations with significant optimization opportunities. Leverage data from existing energy consuming devices like HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, plug load, and EVSE for a high-resolution view of CO2 equivalent energy consumption.

Gain the ability to analyze trend reductions in carbon footprint to meet specific targets and timelines. Carbon Manager’s data analytics and artificial intelligence can detect trends and outliers across a large portfolio. Companies can now quickly identify best and worst emitting sites to effectively manage the required investments for equipment repair and maintenance.

Compare your organization's carbon footprint performance against industry benchmarks. Track your carbon mitigation program against established sustainability goals, as well as project the approximate timeline when your current carbon reduction goal will be met.