Pobuca Sales


Pobuca Sales helps sales representatives perform their daily tasks and increase sales.

Pobuca Sales is a software that enables field sales representatives working away from company offices to automate their sales processes.
It is available on mobile phones, tablets and computers and offers offline tools, to help sales representatives perform their tasks efficiently, increasing sales and productivity. Pobuca Sales integrates with the company's ERP or accounting system, receiving and pushing the necessary data automatically (customers, products, orders etc).
With Pobuca Sales, you can create orders, issue invoices, perform stock counts on your customers' shelves, take pictures, answer surveys, see pictures or other product information and also increase your customer base.
Pobuca Sales is used by sales representatives' teams, sales supervisors and sales managing directors. Sales representatives and sales managing directors have access to customer data in mobile devices and all those working in the company offices can use the back-office system that is available in a web environment.

  • Route planning
    Manage daily visits using a calendar. Copy scheduled appointments from one day or week to another. See routing optimization proposals based on customer locations.
  • Order taking
    View a product catalogue, search for products and enter the order quantities. Easily access customer range (products previously bought) and previous orders. Present product pictures while in the order.
  • Merchandising
    View a list of company and competitive products and create merchandizing audits for shelf faces, pricing, availability, promotions, discounts etc.
    Take pictures of products or shelves and send them to be viewed by the Sales Administration, they can be automatically tagged with the products they present!
  • Business development
    Register new leads, visit them and fulfil common tasks (orders, merchandising etc.).
  • Van Sales
    Issue invoices or other sales documents through the app.
  • Payments
    View the customer's open balance, balance sheets and aging report. Record payments, issue receipts and match payments with open invoices.


  • Pobuca Sales Pro is intended for companies that need a simpler solution to satisfy basic needs and includes Order Taking, Merchandising and Business Development. It comes as a cloud offering.
  • Pobuca Sales Enterprise includes all Pro features, plus Van Sales and Payments. It also includes more functionality in all features and is available as a cloud offering, but also for private cloud or on-premise installations.

We offer integrations using our own API, Excel Import/Export or Zapier. We can also build a custom integration with your ERP's API.