Today I Learned - tiLly BOT


Engage, Empower and Support your learners upskill with your own Microsoft Teams BOT!

In this day and age, knowledge is king. Enabling your users to have easy access to learning, help or just important information at the drop of a hat without having to interrupt key stakeholders, will naturally improve knowledge, learning and efficiency across the board.

The tiLly BOT is designed to utilise Microsoft Teams Chat and Channels to support your employees learning, knowledge attainment, upskill, insight and understanding in order that they can be connected to the required resources at the point-of-need. The context of how you use tiLly and the resources you connect to, are entirely at your own discretion. 

There are a number of component parts to tiLly that you need to consider:

Subject Matter Support

LUIS – tiLly utilises the Azure Language Understanding Intelligence Service, which interprets the intent of the questions asked and establishes the subject matter of the question to provide the most relevant resource or answer possible.

QnA Knowledge Base

tiLly can link to both your own QnA knowledge base and to that of any commissioned managed service provider who provide content for tiLly–i.e. A Microsoft 365 QnA knowledge base. If you commission a managed service knowledge base, this is provided and continually updated by the managed service provider.

Content Index

In addition to linking to QnA knowledge bases, tiLly also provides options to index content resources that can be included in the search for a response to an employee’s question. This provides a richer experience for employees, in that they may get a specific response from the QnA to their question, and they may also be presented with some associated resources linked to the question (i.e. videos, documents, web sites, training courses etc.).

Expert Channel Registration

An Expert Teams Channel reference is required, where employee questions can be escalated to for further support. The more questions that are answered by the Experts Channel, the more tiLly learns. If the same question is asked again, tiLly will be able to provide an answer to the user without needing to engage the Experts Channel.