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oleh Pricely Sp. z o.o.

System for price recommendations and optimization using a dynamic models based on Machine Learning

Pricely delivers a system for price recommendation, optimization and overall price management cycle for Retail Chains. The system is ready for grocery, pharmacy/drugstore, DIY, toy's specialty retailers as well as e.g. chains of stores close to petrol stations. Pricely imports historical data of a retailer, combine it with data from external sources (e.g. prices at competitive stores, weather, mass events nearby, etc.). The Machine Learning engine finds models of consumer behavior separately for each store, and then optimization modules recommend optimal prices. More than 100 rules and parameters help the Retailer in modeling the constraints and goals of their visual & financial strategies. The architecture is open and ready for adopting more data sources like inputs from beacons, smart shelves, CCTV based monitoring of consumers navigating in the stores, as well as external data sources like social portals (events, hotel booking) or telco operators (e.g. temporary user concentration). ## OUR MAIN FEATURES ### AUTOMATIC PRICE RECOMMENDATION The Pricely system calculates price recommendations in accordance with the pre-defined periodicity. Moreover, additional calculations can be triggered in response to certain changes, e.g. changes in competitors’ prices or the product elasticity ### ACCURATE PROJECTIONS THANKS TO MACHINE LEARNING To calculate price recommendations we use a dynamic data model supported by Machine Learning algorithms. It ensures adaptation to the changing conditions of each single store environment and changes in consumer habits. ### QUICK INTEGRATION IN CUSTOMER CHAIN Our customers receive first recommendations even in one month. Software integration takes up to two months. We’re flexible in adding new features and in consulting. ### ADVANCED REPORTING Advanced reporting shows how historical pricing strategies of retailers affected results in the past and how new recommended prices can change the results in the nearest future. Reporting is based on the Microsoft Power BI system. ### SIMPLICITY We created Pricely with particular regard to simplicity of usage, so that every user, after a short training course, can run a simulation of new prices and implement them without going into details of strategies applied. ### MANAGE PRICES OF ALL PRODUCTS In one scenario users can manage the whole range of products in the stores or users can configure many scenarios, separately for each store or product category. > *This application is available in Polish, English.*