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Connect Your Software Ecosystem

Connect, Sync & Manage Your Construction Software Ecosystem

ProjectReady applies process over the platforms owners, program managers, general contractors, and others use on construction projects to improve collaboration, consistency, and certainty over the data and information they manage.

Making Microsoft 365 Work for the AEC

These days, nearly every company depends on the Microsoft 365 platform. Whether you use SharePoint for construction project organization and intranet solutions, send emails using Microsoft Outlook, collaborate using Microsoft Teams, or manage security with Azure AD, M365 has become the go-to operational tool for businesses across the AEC industry. But making M365 work in the context of a construction management is not as simple as it could (and should) be, which is why the management of SharePoint setup, group emails, and Teams channels often lands in the hands of IT.

ProjectReady is the only solution on the market that actually allows construction professionals, designers, and project owners to retain ownership of their project and the Microsoft assets necessary to move projects across the finish line.

What We Deliver

  • Save time & drive efficiency when you automate the setup of M365, and deploy security-trimmed SharePoint site templates.
  • Connect SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to leading industry platforms Autodesk, Procore and Box automatically.
  • Easily synchronize content across different platforms on your project including SharePoint, Autodesk and Procore.
  • Easily define, deploy, and manage security across Microsoft 365, by role, at the project and portfolio levels.

  • Automate the creation of accurate and timely project documents, status reports, and more in seconds – ad hoc or on a pre-defined schedule.

  • Quickly view and act on critical workflow, task, and synchronization KPIs at the project and program levels.

  • Connect and Sync Multiple Autodesk Construction Cloud Hubs, Procore Companies, and SharePoint Sites.

  • Find and select content from any connected system with our content cart, and easily facilitate document control workflows for review and approval.

  • Simplify and Streamline How Project Email and Attachments Are Managed directly from Outlook.

  • Find and access files across your project’s connected systems faster when pulling together packages to external stakeholders.

  • Keep your team accountable when you use ProjectReady to convert any email message into an actionable, assignable task.

  • Register email and attachments to the right projects and platforms with the right metadata when you launch document control workflows from your inbox.