SOLO Inventory Control & purchase planning

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Demand forecasting, stock optimisation and purchase planning for quality assured purchasing process.

Digitised Inventory Control

Many of our customers felt that inventory control and product planning took too much time and that buying the right volume of products to reach a certain level of service was awkward and almost impossible.

This resulted in different buyers buying in different ways based on their own personal assessments. The service strategy varied for different ranges, producing widely differing results for inventories, purchasing costs and sales in the form of varying stock availability.

By using our system for demand forecasting and stock optimisation, our customers can ensure continuity of service strategy and sales, they avoid purchasing that depends on individual taste, and purchasing becomes easier and much faster. In addition, they gain control of purchasing, and feel confident that they are purchasing the right products at the right time. Thanks to system automation, purchasing is also scalable, so customers can increase sales tenfold without needing to devote more resources to purchasing. 

Together with our customers and Lund University Faculty of Engineering, we have developed a system for a best practice purchasing method, which is called SOLO. Over the past 10 years we have delivered SOLO to companies within wholesale, central warehouse, distribution, e-commerce and chainstores.