PROS Group Sales Optimizer (GSO)

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Accelerate group sales productivity and revenue.

PROS Group Sales Optimizer (GSO)

Accelerate group sales productivity and revenue.
PROS Group Sales Optimizer (GSO) revolutionizes the group business model by significantly reducing GDS costs and quote response times and increasing offer quality, resulting in higher conversion rates and increases in revenue.

PROS GSO gives airlines full control of their group sales offers—from quote to booking management, ticketing, and order management. Powered by PROS dynamic pricing science, airlines can deliver group quotes instantly off-GDS and have confidence that every offer presented is accurate and optimized to drive revenue.

By implementing PROS GSO, airlines move from a highly manual, time consuming and costly group sales process to an automated, efficient, and customer-centric one that meets the needs of today’s traveler.

What Makes PROS Group Sales Optimizer Different

• PROS GSO is the only solution in the market that uses AI to price scientifically and dynamically, ensuring airlines provide competitive and revenue-optimal quotes
• Scientifically determines and compares both the average marginal cost of providing the seats to the group and the marginal revenue curve of the group
• Quotes multiple itinerary options in seconds based on dynamic pricing
• Self-service, eCommerce experience provides travel agents with easy booking management on centralized user interface
• Seamless workflows across shopping, booking and itinerary changes for all user types, including travel agent, RM, and sales
• Eliminates friction between sales and revenue management with centralized group policy management, and transparent escalations
• Interactive alerting and notifications for escalation process
• Automated and manual review of requests with real-time decision support and recommendations
• Automatically produces and manages contracts, payment and ticketing: PROS GSO is a one-stop shop for all airline group pricing and booking needs, greatly improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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