Proximus Location Analytics


Microsoft preferred solution

Proximus Location Analytics: insights and reports based on Mobile Data

When a mobile phone connects to a mobile antenna, the location of the user is revealed. With Proximus Analytics, we collect location data from a specified area. We analyze this data and present you with reports and statistics. All that data is anonymized, secured and processed according to strict GDPR rules and respect for privacy, rendering it impossible to identify an individual.

In order to provide additional value-added insights, Proximus can combine its Location Analytics with other data sources, such as Spending data, socio-demo insights,… and add more precise insights based on IoT sensors or cameras. This allows to meet various use cases and different sectors’ needs.

All reports can be customized based on the customers’ specific requirements.

The typical solutions proposed are the following:

- Real-Time Crowd Management: monitoring large crowds real-time[1] in specific area to visualize the flow of people.

- Visitor & Event Analytics: enriched reports with additional data sources for more in depth visitors insights on origin, profile, spending behavior, dwell time,…

This offer is typically targeting cities, police zones, event organizers, tourism organizations and large retailers or shopping centers.

[1] Granularity : minute per minute