Q-Flow®Patient Journey Platform

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Patient Jounrey,Optimized. Care Delivery Planning And Real-Time Orchestration Platform

Q-Flow Patient Journey Platofrm successfully conceal the complexity of medical processes by using simple user interfaces that help staff and patients overcome technical barriers, and allow them to focus on human interactions – thus simplifying the work of the medical staff. Q-nomy's appointment scheduling engine optimizes calendar capacity utilization, while the integrated patient flow management software streamlines processes to ensure a high level of patient satisfaction.
Q-Flow has proven track records in the following healthcare markets: Outpatient clinics, Behavioral health, Radiology, Oncology, Emergency Departments, Operating Rooms, and Pharmacies

Q-Flow for Enterprise Healthcare Delivery Organizations:

  • Enables true omni-channel, patient centric business processes and journeys Optimize and merge digital & physical patient journeys
  • Ensure back-office processes optimally support patient journeys and SLA
  • Optimizes patient journeys by addressing known constraints, such as resources, staff, and capacity
  • Enables the organization to manage delivery, control and monitoring of patient centric processes for units and departments with easy in-house configurability.

Q-Flow Patient Flow Management software is a central-server solution that provides all your clinics and departments with patient reception, queuing, routing and interaction management tools, plus optional appointment scheduling.

The system handles all aspects and stages of patient flow, such as reception, triage, routing, preparation, treatment, payment and administration. It manages waiting rooms and treatment rooms; synchronizes with back-office workflow (for example, lab result analysis); and keeps patients and family members informed during long procedures.

Improving the Patient Exprience

Streamlines patient flow, which improves the level of service.
Entertains waiting customers with integrated digital signage.
Self-service and interaction tools to engage and empower your patients.

PROMS and Patient surveys are at the core of the patient exprience journey and Q-Flow is enriched with flexible tools to capture quality data and provide real time analytics.

Q-nomy's Q-Market introduces OR Planner- the OR Planner Q-app is an extensive solution to plan, allocate, schedule and manage multi-operating rooms and sites. OR Planner is a joint effort with the Sheba Medical Center to optimize time management, teams and resources coordination across 20+ surgical departments, 47 Operating rooms in 7 OR sites.