ARM Template - Virtual Machine with Visual Studio


ARM template that deploys a virtual machine with Visual Studio 2019.

ARM template (Azure Resources Manager), facilitates the provisioning of virtual machines that are useful as workstations during the application development process with Visual Studio, the configured virtual machine has the following specifications:

Operating system: Windows (Windows 10 Enterprise N)
Size: Standard A2m v2
vCPU: 2
RAM: 16 GiB
Disk Configuration: 127 GiB (Standard HDD
Visual Studio 2019
(These settings can easily be changed by updating the template data.)

You can deploy the template through Visual Studio Code or the Azure Portal PowerShell; once the template is deployed, the virtual machine can be accessed through remote desktop without performing additional configurations.

And best of all, you can deploy this template as many times as you want, saving time and effort in this type of provisioning.