QuEST Lung Infection Detection with AI

oleh QuEST-Global Digital

Help your customers find & track lung infections in patients through Xray images.

This solution helps X-ray imaging machine OEMs add value to radiology customers by helping them quickly and effectively detect and monitor lung infections such as those caused by COVID-19. Hospitals are constantly dealing with a shortage of resources, be it technicians, equipment, or beds. Current testing for COVID-19 requires additional supplies, takes hours to provide a diagnosis, and does not show the progression of the infection or its effect on the patient’s lungs. This solution adds a software component to your equipment that uses Azure Machine Learning to inspect x-ray images and provide the radiologist a diagnosis and progression analysis within minutes. The solution can even be used for continuous monitoring of COVID-19 using a bedside x-ray machine. The machine learning model was trained to detect COVID-19 with thousands of images and is targeted at 99% accuracy. Other models are being explored, such as lung nodule cancer detection, and will be included with the solution. These will provide more value to hospitals and radiologists, helping OEM improve the ROI of their equipment and creating a path to additional revenue.