Eclipse Analytics


911 Call Analytics, Reporting, and Dashboard for Public Safety Answer Points (PSAP)

Eclipse Analytics is a SaaS solution for Public Safety Answer Points, 911 Centers, and States to simply and authoritatively report on 911 caller statistics powered by Microsoft Power BI.  
RapidDeploy patented Emergency Data Gateway connects directly to PSAP call handling systems to capture traditional ANI/ALI data combined with supplemental mobile caller location data to report and track call volumes, answer times, and call routing accuracy for mobile callers.  
Eclipse Analytics provides flexible reporting and analytics to facilitate data-driven, operational performance improvements by leveraging real-time call data.
  • Tap into on-demand insights. Provides interactive analytics specific to 9-1-1 communications center data, both historical and real-time.

  • Leverage multi-dimensional data analysis. Allows customization of analyses and visualizations against multiple parameters within seconds through an easy-to-use search function.

  • Plan for better outcomes. Application of business intelligence and AI allows for improved planning by better predicting potential challenges related to operational efficiency and staffing.