Advise for Consumer Packaged Goods

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A tailored predictive analytics & data visualization solution offering decision support & insights

Advise is a predictive analytics and data visualization platform that provides support in your enterprise to make the right decisions. 

Advise for Consumer Packaged Goods is tailored out-of-the-box for category and insight managers with the key dashboards, forecasts and anomaly detection needed to drive sales, distribution, and ultimately profit from the products in the categories they are managing. 
We customise and configure the deployment of Advise based on your available data and KPI output needs. 
Advise gives you “One View” of your data by automating your current manual data manipulation processes, driving the efficiency of each of your category managers and freeing them up to focus on what they do best, drive change in your business. Advise uses cutting edge AI technologies like machine learning, predictive analytics, and Next Best Action recommendation, to supercharge your business decisions with your data, making those decisions more informed and commercially valuable. 
 Advise for CPG Dashboards can be tailored to your reporting needs, we will work with you as part of the deployment process to understand those needs. Out-of-the-box Advise for CPG provides the following dashboards by default:
- Category Overview: Explore an aggregated view of all products in your category over different time periods and cadences. 
- Product Tracker: Drill down into a single EAN or group of EANs to discover their performance over time. Track Value Sales, Unit Sales, Volume Sales, and distribution at the touch of a button.
- Trends & Forecasts: Track the trend in products, brands, manufacturers over time, review their forecasts for the coming weeks and months, and review automatically detected anomalies and their explanations.
- Sales Rankings: Understand the positioning of your products in the market and track changes in their rankings as you change your category management strategy.
- Market Segmenter: Segment the market in different ways to understand the relative performance and growth of each of your keys areas.
- New Products: Track new products that have been launched by you and your competitors, compare and contrast their performance to find new product launch strategies.
- Over & Unders: Any metric, any filter combination, any time period, any breakdown. A tool for power users to track the performance of any aspect of your categories over time. All dashboards have a slice and dice capability, enabling the data to be broken down by any product metadata that is available (e.g. brand, manufacturer, segment, unit size, pack size, etc.). 
If you want to understand these capabilities further, please contact us or check out our fully functional playground environment loaded with example data (link below)