Report Bee

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Generate customised student report cards & view a live dashboard of student performance analytics

Report Bee is an online cloud based product that helps schools to record their students exams and marks data, generate customised student report cards and provides access to a live dashboard of the school academic performance from macro (school level) to micro (individual student level). Using Report Bee, schools can reduce the teacher workload for recording and generation of student report cards by upto 80%. Reports are error-free and can be customized to met the reporting requirements of the school and education board. Report Bee's analytics module "Insights" allows teachers to easily identify high and low performing students in an exam or subject and take corrective action instantly. Class and Students reports can also be generated in PDF format. Using the Report Bee Parent App (iOS and Android), schools can interact with parents through richer notifications that includes homework, marks, attendance, invitations, etc. Using Report Bee's Assessment module, teachers can create digitised data rich questions and provided online assessments to the students. Reports for these assessments provide a concept level analysis of the student's performance. Furthermore, data entered in Report Bee is backed-up in secure data servers and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime using an internet enabled device.