Repairs & Refurbishment

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ReverseLogix makes it simple to maximize value from any return. Easily manage parts replacement, war

ReverseLogix makes it simple to maximize value from any return. Easily manage parts replacement, warranty-based repairs, testing integrations and more within the Repairs Management module, and then seamlessly get that data pushed to all your other systems.

Streamline your processing, reduce environmental impact and manage transportation costs of returns by consolidating products and vendors, so you can recover more value from every unit. ReverseLogix helps you see the big picture and identify consistent trends or problematic product issues faster, so you can adapt manufacturing, sourcing and other product details to enhance quality and profitability, enabling you to continuously improve in real-time.

Easily manage customer registrations, coordinate returns, and seamlessly manage in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs in a single platform. Create unique menu offerings that easily shows customers their repair options when a product stops working or doesn’t meet their expectations to ensure a positive customer experience with every interaction.

ReverseLogix’s centralized cloud-based platform makes it simple to handle repairs involving multiple depot levels and smoothly stock transfer the repairable units to the proper level so that inventory is processed and restocked with total efficiency and every team member has total visibility at every step in the process.

ReverseLogix Repair Management module is built so you can have continuous and accurate visibility on the consumption, status and ordering of new parts for any product. Harvest reusable parts and find the right liquidation or donation channels. Track every part, its age, and its value as soon as it is used in the repair cycle and get things fixed and back on the shelf for resale in record time.

  • Increase the value you can get from returned inventory in secondary markets
  • Increase the velocity of inventory sales with more streamlined processing
  • Maintain brand equity and protect perception with total visibility of repair and recommerce cycles
  • Continually improve inspection, minimize losses and drive repurchase
  • Reduce returns-related waste and improve sustainability
  • Get insight on manufacturing and sourcing changes that affect the bottom line