Rimilia Cash - Automated Accounts Receivable

Rimilia Holdings Ltd

We automate order-to-cash by simplifying the complex. Built by Finance Teams. Powered by AI.

Rimilia match customer payments against outstanding invoices, to turn payments into cash. 

Cash is the lifeblood of any business and automating the Accounts Receivables (AR) function is central to improving cash flow.  Rimilia deploys intelligent automation into the AR function streamlining the end to end process from invoice to cash.  Powered by AI and built by finance professionals our portfolio of products simplify the complex.

There are 4 products Rimilia deploy at different stages of an organisations transformation journey, all of which provide data in real time, delivering clear visibility into debtor positions, mitigating risk and improving user decision making.

Rimilia Cash™ transforms the invoice-to-cash cycle by significantly reducing the time it takes to apply cash to open invoices, resulting in a 99% reduction in unapplied cash. The solution results in additional impacts and savings, as well as a reduction in overall manual activity by as much as 85% and eliminated lockbox keying costs.

Rimilia Collect™ is an intelligent credit and collection management solution that offers unique insights into your customer’s payment behaviour. This ensures you’re chasing your customer in the most effective way to reduce debt aging and DSO. This allows the number of collections to be increased. 


Rimilia Resolve™ allows you to manage and resolve customer disputes efficiently across the enterprise with intelligent workflow-driven case tracking. Increase customer satisfaction with consistent responses and provide guidance to reduce the risk of write-offs or customer loss.


Rimilia Insight™ enables you to better manage risk and capitalize on revenue opportunities by understanding customer financial behaviours. The solution lowers the risk of non-payment and write-offs, improves ROI by optimizing credit terms and finally improved decision-making with real-time customer financial insights. 


Rimilia automated over £110Bn and 12M Payment transactions under management in 2019 and when deployed will drive significant Azure consumption by processing millions of transactions, whilst enhancing the existing environment of Microsoft Dynamics.

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