OmniMentor for AI powered personalised mentoring

oleh Sambaash Pte. Ltd.

Intelligent interventions to enhance learning outcomes.

OmniMentor is a unique blended learning facilitation solution to enhance learning outcomes for the learners with real-time interventions and interactions. It utilizes extensive AI models & machine learning techniques to achieve these objectives and scale up the blended learning pedagogy.

This “Virtual Mentor” AI application creates a collaborative real-time platform for, Learning Facilitators, Instructors, Mentors, Learning Designers, Program Managers, and Employers to facilitate a focussed & personalised learning journey for Learners.

OmniMentor helps to keep the learner's focussed and on-track to achieve the intended learning outcome in a blended learning pedagogy. It provides a learner-centric approach with key-value features like:

  1. Scaled Blended Learning
  2. Seamless Realtime engagement
  3. Learning journey facilitation
  4. Personalized learning advice
  5. Performance dashboard
  6. Integration with sub-systems
Key benefits for Learners : 
  • Stay “on-track” and “stay focussed” with remedial actions
  • Receive timely interventions
  • AI based hyper-personalised mentorship for the learning journey
  • Achieve desired learning outcomes
Key benefits for Learning Facilitators & Instructors : 
  • Helps the teacher to know each of her student’s progress on a real-time basis in a blended / hybrid learning environment
  • Keep a tab on cohort progression and analytics
  • Assessing & interacting real-time
  • Predictive analytics that aids precise learning assistance
  • Analyse learning stage outcomes leading to re-design
Key benefits for Educators & Course Designers : 
  • Productively & efficiently manage cohorts
  • Seamless 360° learning stage insights to re-design better curriculum
  • Parents & Employers gain a real-time updates on their wards / employees learning progress

Supported Edition: This app supports the Essentials Edition of SaaS.

Supported Countries: All countries where SaaS is available.

Supported Languages: This app is available in English and can be configured in other languages.