LigasApp: Community Management System

oleh SaM Solutions

An omni-purpose solution that fuses together a CMS and a mobile application to streamline community

LigasApp is a robust community management system that streamlines the organizational aspects of group events and improves communication between group members within a specific community. It encompasses team creation, member engagement, event scheduling, facility arrangements and news distribution. Created as a seamless fusion between an Azure-based CMS and mobile software, LigasApp provides the following capabilities: - Content management. Multiple clients can handle multiple operations, groups, events, facilities, content and more, as well as provide services to numerous concurrent users. - Website builder. Clients can build full-fledged websites under their own domain names to provide the required content to their site visitors. - Android and iOS mobile applications. Applications facilitate calendar management and group communication through member profile administration and viewing, permission management, content sharing, chatting functionality and push notifications. Initially designed as a solution for the management of sports-related content, retail, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing and companies in other industries now use LigasApp extensively.