oleh Sarjen Systems Pvt Ltd

A comprehensive eCTD software to compile dossiers effortlessly in compliance to regulatory norms

KnowledgeNET is a complete eCTD dossier publishing & submission solution and is fully compliant with ectd module 1 specifications EU v3.0.3, US FDA (v2.01 and v2.3), GCC v1.2 and v1.5, South Africa (ZA-MCC) v2.1, Canada v2.2, Swissmedic (CH) v1.4, Thailand (Thai-FDA) v1.0, AU v3.1, Jordan v1.0.2 and similar regulatory authorities and NeeS specifications EU v4.0, GCC v1.2 and v1.5, AU v2.0.

It is a complete package that provides creating, organizing, sharing and managing complete dossiers with minimum efforts