Pollution Index™ by Seabin Project

oleh Seabin Pty Ltd

Pollution Index™ quantifying cleaner oceans and a better value of life.

The Pollution Index™ by Seabin Project, has been operating for 4 years, cataloguing marine litter caught & water quality into decipherable data from a global fleet of Seabins. 

Developed with the intention to provide measurable impact on pollution in the worlds oceans, the platform has the capacity to monitor the health of waterways' globally and inform governing bodies with reliable and consistent information to fill pollution knowledge gaps. This information is critical for decision making upstream from the location of the immediate problem benefiting the surrounding ecosystem. 

The Pollution Index™ goal is to provide data driven solutions and education and thereby progress humanities behaviour towards cleaner oceans and help support the worlds biodiversity. Seabin Project are working towards being recognised by the United Nations Development Program as a key indicator for their Life Below Water Goal (SGD14).