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Endpoint protection, Predictive maintenance and Automated Operations for IoT Devices

SecuriThings helps organizations protect their IoT devices while maximizing their operational efficiency, in one unified view.

SecuriThings shaped the IoTOps category by solving the challenges faced by organizations when managing IoT at scale from both a cyber security and maintenance perspectives.

Horizon is an IoTOps software-only solution that brings IT standards to the realm of IoT by providing:

  1. Risk detection - leveraging endpoint protection capabilities
  2. Predictive maintenance - using real-time health monitoring and analysis
  3. Automated operations - driving mitigation and maintenance


The solution is seamlessly deployed in any organization managing large-scale deployments of IoT devices within critical environments, sometimes across multiple sites.

Horizon prevents hackers from exploiting the inherent vulnerability of IoT devices to reach the broader network, critical assets and private data.

In addition, the solution collects and analyzes data on the device health status, and enables remote maintenance tasks such as password rotation and firmware upgrade, in an automated manner.


Horizon has been installed in major airports, universities, cities and large enterprises, and is already monitoring millions of devices globally.

SecuriThings has established partnerships with several system integrators, management systems and device vendors.

SecuriThings is a MISA member and an Azure Security Center for IoT partner.