Seismic Enablement Cloud™ for FSI Cloud

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Seismic Enablement Cloud™ for FSI Cloud

Seismic is the market leader in Sales Enablement & Productivity. Combine the power of Seismic & Microsoft to boost efficiencies and improve the buyer experience. Seismic’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables sellers to personalize interactions and collaborate on that content, ultimately increasing user adoption, all without leaving Dynamics 365. Sales teams are equipped with the right content, at the right time in the buyer's journey, for every interaction, dramatically improving the time spent selling and win rates. Marketing teams use Seismic to personalize content at scale and have visibility into best-performing content. The Microsoft Office suite is fully integrated into the Seismic platform, creating a seamless document experience through Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, or Dynamics.

From healthcare to financial services and everything in between, Seismic’s powerful platform has helped organizations across many industries enhance their approach to sales. Seismic goes beyond just an easy-to-use access point for content -- it’s a sales enablement solution that sales will actually use. With Seismic Sales Enablement, you can:

  • Drive rep productivity with semantic content discovery. Reduce the number of time sellers spends searching for content with contextual recommendations and hyper-targeted distribution.
  • Deliver sales playbooks in the right context. Provide onboarding and training via user-friendly playbooks that automatically curate the right content.
  • Accelerate deals with content collaboration. Build amazing content, share knowledge and keep everything organized for teams, deals, or accounts.