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Scrape emails for contact details and automatically update Dynamics. Eliminate manual data entry.

If your team is manually adding contacts to the CRM then they’re wasting time. 

SigParser can scrape hundreds mailboxes for every email address and email signature. In minutes you’ll have a database of thousands or hundreds of thousands of contact details. 

SigParser will automatically discover the best phone number, title and other details about contacts. It then updates your contacts in Dynamics 365 with no manual data entry. Setup a set of simple rules to configure which contacts get updated or added in Dynamics. SigParser never overwrites any data already in the CRM and doesn’t create duplicates. It only ever fills in data that is missing. If your configured rules don’t get everything then it’s easy to see what’s what’s not in Dynamics 365 yet and add the contacts that were missed with the push of a button. When you sign up you get a free 90 day historical extract and can look at all the data. You can even connect Dynamics 365 and go to the “+ Contacts” section to see what is already in Dynamics 365 vs what SigParser found. There is nothing to install. You don’t need to install an Outlook plugin for this to work. It just runs behind the scenes.   You only need to pay when you’re ready to export or send the data to Dynamics 365. You can delete your account and data at any time. We also don’t store the bodies of any emails so if your company has strict retention policies then you don’t have to worry about that being an issue.